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Tickets? Since when did they start charging for the bus? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
booboo kitty fuck

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just kidding [Aug. 15th, 2004|01:58 am]
booboo kitty fuck
ok guys just kidding about that last post. my new jouranl is: bold_as_love69 go there and add me and comment to be adddeddd...sarah_the_adict is deleted.
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sakfdjsaklfjkl [Aug. 4th, 2004|10:33 am]
booboo kitty fuck
ok. i havent been on livejournal for a while it seems. so ill just say sum stuff
friday me kelly mattie sascha tim davis parker dylan alex david and jay hung out at the beach all day it was funnnn. then we all went to the promenade and this kid let me borrow his jacket. i dont know his name tho..but yeah,. aand this guy was hitting on me for the 3rd time, he pushed adrien out of the way and just stood there for a millionn years then talked it was funny. adriens so funny
and then saturday i went to julias house and we went to subway and swam at mollys house which was really fun. "molly, this is a clock." - mollys mom
then we went to cc with katie and got bored and it was fun. we went to gelsons and put things in peoples carts like this nasty jello. and uh there are pics on her lj of that nite too. then the next day we hung out with annie and we saw the notebook. it was good i think i dont really remember
then we slept at annies then the next day i went to kellys house and we went to davids house with mattie and david and tim and davis. then we slept over at kellys houseee and watched full house and degrassi
then the next day sascha came over to kellys with me and mattie and we were gonna go to the beach but then we got locked out of the house and watasidjagkj then we got unlocked so we went to th e beach
we went with me kelly sascha mattie and julie . it was fun, and then alex e met up with us and his sister and ya and we saw nolan
then we went to davids house with us and tim parker and davidddddddd obviously
and we went in the jacuzzee for like a million years and . then i dont remember what happened but then we left and went to jays house and watched CINDERELLA bitches
then we went to matties house. now today i have to take the fucking pali tests. fuckerrrrrr were gonna go with kelly tho so yay
call cell to do stuff 310 383 3854
ps im gonna make a new lj cuz i got the idea from chris kennedy thank you chris
--sarah ♥
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the itsy bitsy spider dropped acid in the park [Jul. 29th, 2004|03:44 pm]
booboo kitty fuck
[feeln tipsy? |crazycrazy]
[listening to |the planet smashers- no]

hey ..ok so. did nothing today. i have pictures. im gonna go to the promenade with sash and mattttie tomarrow. mattie call me! ok and a couple days ago me and julia zorro chilaXXXed and mhmm. me julio and concon are having a family guy thing. yay party and grant is so slow, lol steph julia and geoff. ahahaha ok.  i was thinking about how stupid my family is then i walked into the wall. hmm. so on to the pictures maybe

lbc love


we dont rebel to sell it just suits VERONIKA well..or does it?Collapse )

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join u bastards [Jul. 29th, 2004|01:11 pm]
booboo kitty fuck

hey freaks  ........so yeah there's a new rating community called seductiv  and its looking for new members......so join!

ill have a regular picture post later i think... bye

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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2004|12:47 pm]
booboo kitty fuck
[feeln tipsy? |quixoticretarded]
[listening to |heart of glass- blondie]

yesterday i saw anchorman with lizzie. it was really funny..."its an optical illusion...im taking them back to the pants store right now.."  HEY EVERYONE! COME SEE HOW GREAT I LOOK!

ron, are u listening?


so funnnyy. then we went back 2 lizzies and watched  a movie called "heathers" which was reallly confusing and weird and freaky. saturday me and lizzie also went to the promenade and hung out with DQ (dara quinn) and went to the crepe place. not Holy Crepe . i love that name though.

highlights of the weekend:

- listening to nick and some other guy talk about how  this old man who was hauling ass should fly into the mall with a weelchair with like a rocket attached...and how spoons and straws should mush into one

-seeing lizzies friend skateboard being stolen right out of his hands and him not noticing

-friday night

-me and liz where trying to walk down to where people were, except these old people were blocking us and we couldnt move so we were stadnding there for a little bit, and this extremely large girl whos like 12 was like "um can you move?" and i got annoyed because it was obvious we couldnt. so i said "no we actually enjoy standing here because its not like we dont have anywhere to go" then lizzie tells her why we cant move but  we eventually do. and then she starts to run....oh god that was funny. it was like how napolean dynamite ran

- seeing this morbidly obese guy listening to music at tower ...he was dancing. like from side to side

yea.......certain peoples livejournals make me laugh. not in a good way though, in an ashamed way. how they talk about other people calling them hot and them having a fight over whos hotter and stupid crap like that. and to think im going to school with some of them makes me eewwwww.

love from the lbc

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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2004|03:54 pm]
booboo kitty fuck
[feeln tipsy? |crazycrazy]

Could you be loved and be loved?
Could you be loved and be loved?

Don't let them fool ya,
Or even try to school ya! Oh, no!
We've got a mind of our own,
So go to hell if what you're thinking is not right!
Love would never leave us alone,
A-yin the darkness there must come out to light.

Could you be loved and be loved?
Could you be loved, wo now! - and be loved?

(The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too,
So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you)

Love your brotherman!
(Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be loved?)

Don't let them change ya, oh! -
Or even rearrange ya! Oh, no!
We've got a life to live.
They say: only - only -
only the fittest of the fittest shall survive -
Stay alive! Eh!

Could you be loved and be loved?
Could you be loved, wo now! - and be loved?

(You ain't gonna miss your water until your well runs dry;
No matter how you treat him, the man will never be satisfied.)
Say something! (Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?
Could you be - could you be loved?)
Say something! Say something!
(Could you be - could you be - could you be loved?)
Say something! (Could you be - could you be loved?)
Say something! Say something! (Say something!)
Say something! Say something! (Could you be loved?)
Say something! Say something! Reggae, reggae!
Say something! Rockers, rockers!
Say something! Reggae, reggae!
Say something! Rockers, rockers!
Say something! (Could you be loved?)
Say something! Uh!
Say something! Come on!

yesss thats dedicated to the lovely nnatttttt. ONE LOVE AND HEART IS HER THING TOURGUIDE BIMBO. gotta make that clear...anyways im aabout to go to lizzies house and chill and promenade and yeah go tonite. last night me and hooch went and met up with kelly lucy and sash and others later including nat. then it was fun and we went to nats house.

this morning me nat and hooch went to noahs and were sitting, and all of a sudden this guy just sits down behind me and just stares at us..and like a minute later hes like to me" your cute, your so damn cute" and then he left


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booboo kitty fuck
[feeln tipsy? |aggravatedKINDA PISSED YO]
[listening to |BOB MARLEY]

okay guys this part of the post actually has some importance.

there's a new livejouranl user hardcore__bitch   . this person is anonymously commenting on peoples journals saying mean shit either about u or your friends...they have no user info except "watch out youre next" so dont bother .. so unless you want gay lame ass comments on youre lj i suggest you ban her from commenting

anyways..........today.........carol coming over.......going to the brentwood gardens (CPK BABY).....promende with natalie beach then nats casa....woooooohoo

-so people, today at like 1 ish go to the bwood gardens and meet us thurr 310 383 3854 (mi cell)

- and go to the promenade tonight!!!!!!!! carol is performing a cultural pigeon dance in honor of 

veronikaCollapse )

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youre not the only one but youre the best bradley [Jul. 22nd, 2004|03:02 pm]
booboo kitty fuck

i finished my required reading! Speak  was the book..i thought it was good i guess. im gonna start Go ask alice and a clockwork orange soon. almost done with the pali summer stuff...except for the placement tests, the poetry assignment and volleyball. im excited for volleyball because i havent played in a long time, and i need to get off my ass from time to time. tomarrow is gonna be spent with the beautiful nat and carol...were gonna go to venice and the promenade. good times...and then on saturday me and lizzie are gona chill and go to the promenade so everyone go. i miss kelly!! and everyone else too...if u wanna hang comment i miss u losers!

so right now im burning some cds-

1. Interpol  because i lost the actual CD

2. Sublime robbin the hood    becus thats the only one i dont have although its not the greatest album

3. Pear Jam   kinda depressing when im not listening to it with my camp posse :( and natalie becuase she played it last time i was with her and tess

and i think some bob marley because im cool..i need more ideas of cds to burn or wahteverrr. gonna go do something? maybe i dunno bye

&love from the l b c

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KAWWWW [Jul. 21st, 2004|12:14 am]
booboo kitty fuck

this post is dedicated to julia and sarah (me)

we just realized how much we love the song "i like to eat, eat , eat, apples and bananas.


hot damn , you may think were crazy at first but just take a minute and think.  NOW!!!!!!!  connors funny.

me: well what does she know?

julia: what is she?

me: what-does-she-know

julia- Ohhh ahahahah......what?

ahaha shell never know!!

ahaha the beach..was fun we were singing jessica and ashleeeeeee. for sum reason and zuma beach has seen my ass, along with pa's and yeah.

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YAYEAH...WHAT?!? OKAAAYY [Jul. 20th, 2004|12:07 pm]
booboo kitty fuck

TODAY~ Im going to the beach with sheena and reb. pictures will probably be on sheena's lj so yeah. i really need to see: a cinderella story, anchorman, the notebook, and yeah..so if you wanna see those movies see them with ME.
MADDY IS COMING TO LA TOMARROW!!!! YES. Shes so ghetto but not but yes it blows my mindBeccaw if you read this call my cell so we can all hang out at the promenade.
Sheena we will chilax talk about MALES today..you dig? yes you do.  i miss mattie and fox

i really wanna go to the cheesecake factory or cpk whos coming??


fuck my ass...not pictures but funnyCollapse )

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